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After nearly 45 years in the crazy and fun business of advertising, the tri-states well known and highly regarded Dan Inghram is retiring. With this decision comes an exceptional opportunity for you to own some outstanding and farm fresh website domains, most of which come with a highly desirable and extremely valuble matching toll free phone number. These 24 domains represent a great investment opportunity in both the short and long term.

All domains will be sold without reserve to the single highest bidder on January 16, 2013. If you have interest in only one or more domains, we will gladly provide your contact information to the successful bidder so that you can negotiate pricing directly.

The winning bidder’s funds shall be held in Attorney escrow until all transfers of the domains and phone numbers are completed. This process is estimated to take not more than two weeks, including the phone numbers.

All of these 24 domains and matching toll free numbers are 100% virgin. None of them have ever been used for any commercial or personal purpose whatsoever since inception. A history of the original registrations by Dan Inghram and Populaw, Inc. are available on the Web via Whois.

The original description/intention of each domain follows as seen by the creator, Dan Inghram.


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