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The following descriptions are provided for the purpose of explaining the original thinking that went into the creation of the domains.  You may have an entirely different concept how these identities can be best used.

1.  For aftermarket manufacturer or servicer associated with rail transport or affiliated industry.

2.  A totally generic identity that can be used to brand virtually any product or service.  Name is both pleasant sounding and memorable.

3.  Perfect for orthopedist, chiropractor, or physical rehabilitation service.  Can be used as an adjunct to an existing identity in the form of a newsletter.

4.  Ideal for Cadillac dealer group promotion or as identity for one large dealership.  “Caddy Me” infers something sensual and romantic, vs. current muscle car image being pushed.

5.  Created totally on speculation.  Could be used for anything.  Examples include a product or service, a restaurant, a federal firearms dealer, or anything in between.

6.  Same as Chargun.  Oddly, identical toll free number works for both.

7.  Ideal for an all new, all encompassing hospitality identity within the world of hotels, motels, resorts, travel and destinations. 


9.  Takes on more of a web hosting business feel.


11.  Perfect identity for one large or a group of boutique dental implant providers, aka: oral surgeons (or a regular DDS group) that aggressively promote implants vs. dentures.

12.  Conceived as an identity for a wind turbine, blade, or other manufacturer involved in wind energy generation.  Ideal also for all supporting services.

13.  Originally perceived as an identity for one or a group of affiliated real estate companies.  Could also be used for any professional (i.e. lawyer) with the initials mls.

14.  Completely generic identity that can be used for virtually any product, service or entity.

15.  Again, completely generic identity that can be used for virtually any product, service or entity.

16.  Absolutely perfect identity for any physician involved in anything ortho, including orthopedics, orthodontics, etc.  Also perfect for physical rehabilitation.

17.  Excellent opportunity for an attorney to leap into the future with a progressive and memorable identity.  Also suitable for a network of attorneys.

18.  Applicable for any business that is statistically and/or research based.

19.  Absolutely perfect for one large women’s healthcare provider (i.e. OB/GYN).  Also represents an outstanding opportunity to network a group of providers.

20.  Ideal for a CPA, attorney or group that specializes in IRS tax appeals.

21.  Same, but with a half hour infomercial flavor.

22.  Obviously, an outstanding branding opportunity for any dental service provider.  Also perfect for building a network of cooperating dentists.

23.  Another option for the wind energy segment.

24.  Represents an outstanding identity for any manufacturer, product or service.


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3800 River Road, Point Pleasant, NJ 08742
phone 732-295-0700 | fax 732-295-2400

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